Every missionary should have a Barnabas.

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    About eBarnabas


    Every missionary knows that the ministry is great! Each missionary knows with great opportunities comes great adversaries, real opposition, and many questions about how to handle the moments of ministry which leaves us seeking answers. Every missionary will have moments where they wonder, “Does anyone understand how lonely I get? Does anyone know how hard it is? Does anyone grasp the toll the ministry takes when facing opposition?”

    I do not know a missionary who would not like to have a personal Barnabas available to them on their field at a moment’s notice. How wonderful it would be to have on call a trusted, experienced, mission-field-qualified, battle-tested, and compassionate friend!

    How precious it would be to have someone who could be on your field in a few hours time to sit across the table from and to whom you could confidentially pour out your heart!

    I believe every John Mark and every Paul needs a Barnabas in their lives. No missionary should ever feel alone, afraid, or without advice. When a missionary begins to feel this way it gives Satan an advantage in our lives, family, and ministry. I believe every missionary on deputation, furlough, and on the field deserves to have their own personal Barnabas.

    Our missions family needs to have available to everyone our own “Barnabas on Call.” We need someone who can converse with a missionary from any aspect of ministry. Knowing this need to have a Barnabas on Call, we asked Brother Elwood Hurst to add this aspect of ministry to his role as Mission Representative.

    Elwood Hurst

    Brother Elwood Hurst understands every aspect of missions. He entered the ministry in 1978. He brings to every conversation a depth of unparalleled experiences. He speaks with a gracious tone and has a gentle spirit. He is a Barnabas to many. He can speak to a John Mark with gentleness. He can speak like a Paul with graciousness. He can love a missionary with a struggle or seemingly-insurmountable issues.

    Brother Hurst agreed to be available to you with just a few hours notice. He will use our video conference software to meet you, by appointment and at your convenience to offer advice and counsel to you. He will listen to you. He will love you. He will pray with you. He will be a son of consolation to you.

    You will not have to leave your field to come to him; he will meet you virtually from his home in South Carolina. You can visit make an appointment with Brother Hurst using this form. Brother Hurst will:

    1. Write each missionary family to check on you and your well-being in ministry.
    2. Write articles by email and in Headquarter Happenings each month to share advice and encouragement.
    3. Connect with you by phone or virtually at your convenience to listen, pray, and encourage you.

    Elwood Hurst is a Barnabas to World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions. He is a gift to us from God. Please pray for him as he develops a ministry of encouragement and brings consolation to all of our missions family.